Low Price Guarantee

What is your Low Price Guarantee?

We at believe that high-quality parts don't have to cost much, so we offer our parts at the lowest prices. We guarantee that our products are the lowest that you'll find online. When you compare our products to parts offered by other sites, you'll see the difference!

In fact, if you find a part from another store that's cheaper than what we offer, we'll beat or match that price! Just fill out our guarantee form and we'll get back to you with the new quote and instructions on how you can avail of it.

  • Before we do so, however, we just have a few requirements:
  • The part MUST be made by the same manufacturer.
  • The part MUST have the same manufacturer part number.
  • The part MUST be in stock, brand new, and available to ship.
  • The part MUST be advertised at the price you want matched.
  • Shipping cost and handling fees MUST be included in the final total cost of the price match.

We try our best to match every product as much as we can, but we reserve the right not to match a product given certain conditions.